Flats of the future

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Quick update to say what’s going down. I’ve everything out of my old flat now and stored in my grand-parents mainly unused dining room for the time being. I’m currently searching for a flat to rent or buy but I’ll need to speak to my bank and figure out how mortgages work at some point soon.. Tomorrow I’m going to Sin, and on Saturday I’ll be out to Mr. Skinner‘s Hallowe’en party, getting drunk then probably ambling along to Cage. My whereabouts after that point in the evening are as of yet unknown. I got a written warning regarding the web browsing thing which will stay in my file for 12 months. I’ve also got another investigation coming up, this time into my sick days (I’ve allergic rhinitis and I don’t handle colds very well). Oh, and I got my Creative Zen Micro back again, albeit a 6Gb model this time. According to my local Sony Centre, my regular headphones aren’t produced anymore, but I’ve ordered in a pair from Amazon along with a couple of books I’ve been wanting for a while now. Nini.

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