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Oh yeah, the London thing. The megabus arrived in Victoria at 6am as per usual so I wandered around for a while then headed to Camden where I sat by the canal for a few hours and had a read. Was nice to chill for a while, sup some golden top milk, munch some plain chocolate digestives and watch the narrowboats go up and down through the locks. Bumped into and Ryll outside Cybordawg then metup a short while later with . Wandered around some more, had a drink in Weatherspoons, then Ryll headed for home and the rest of us set off to Hamleys. Met up with , , Samoth, , , , , , and (although I didn’t know I’d met her at the time). Hamleys was interesting, many silly things to ooh and aah at, though it was kinda full of kids (duh). I did however almost cream my pants over a four-tier stand of sound activated vibrating and laughing soft toys. So much fun! TPG and I headed off together and sat in Camden Gardens before getting evicted, then by the canal for a bit watching all the spooky kids and gangs of youths go by. After it started getting cold we headed Devwards and met up with peeps again plus , , and . Went for nosh then turned up shortly thereafter and much chatter was had. N.B. must never ever ever find out my real name, ok? Then we Slimed. Didn’t get to see the plane crash but I did see the kitchen, complete with work surface, washing machine, dish washer and kitchen table. Spent the night sober, not through lack of trying. The industek floor was amazing, Autoclav 1.1 dished out some interesting new stuff and finished with a great cover of Theme from S’Express. Hadn’t heard much Iszoloscope previously but it was a funky mix of rhythmic noise and breakcore, the kind of stuff where you get into the tune so much you don’t need to tell your body where to dance, it just does it. Bumped into both and very very briefly. Danced on the goth floor a bit with TPG then fell asleep on her in the kitchen for over an hour. Woke up somewhat refreshed, danced some more then left the club to a dreich and dreary day outside. Went to chill in Starbucks, met and others who names I unfortunatly forget. Ambled towards the coach station with TPG plus Zeke and friend, picked up a McDonald’s (my god, what have they done to their chocolate milkshake! It tastes shit now!), said my goodbyes and went back to Dundee. Fin.

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