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I’m now 22 years of age. Disadvantages: I’m not young anymore. The next milestones, I have been informed, are 25 and 30, most notably because it means you’re so much closer to dying. Advantages: although I know I’ve still got a lot of stuff in reality and in my head to sort out, I’ve another years experience under my belt and I’ve a slightly better thought out plan (sketch?) in my mind for the rest of my life. I’m still looking for a flat right now. My trip to Judder has been postponed indefinitely so I can view properties and talk to the doctor about getting something to use in my appeal against the final written warning I received last week for being off ill. I’ll also need to see about visiting a dentist at some point as my fucked up teeth are starting to hurt. It’s all a bit shit really. But yeah, big flat warming party to come when I do find somewhere. I’ve not been keeping up with LJ that much in the past weeks and I’ve given up checking my mail for the moment so apologies to anything I’ve missed. If you want to contact me, comment in my journal (or on my Wikipedia talk page ;).

P.S. Hahaha, Mr. “I hate LiveJournal because it’s full of whiney teenagers” Daz has gotten himself a MySpace. Haha. Hypocrite.

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