Teeth and I both do and do not want this

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Yeah, so, like, I’ve had two teeth out in the last week, one on Friday, another on Wednesday, both bottom back molars. I’d been having trouble with them for a while now and I really should have had them checked out before, but have just never got around to making the time or having the cash for that. Dundee University’s dental hospital lopped them out for free though which was nice. On both occasions the dental students had to get a supervisor to help finish the job off, and on the second one they had to get *gasp* an actual dentist to dislodge the fucker. Needless to say, I shall miss those two teeth as we had many a good time together..

Oh yeah, shit, I’ve been 22 years of age for the last 17 days, totally forgot to post about that. It’s annoying because I’d like to remain young so I can know everything, be everywhere, etc, but on the other hand get to an mid/late twenties age where bounciness is construed more as a sign of one being an ‘energetic adult’ rather than a hyperactive child, which I feel everyone things I am. Ah well, here’s to another year of learning. I really can’t skip the whole maturation process anyway :p

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