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So yes, I’ve a new flat now! Went to view it on Wednesday morning, rather liked it so got my deposit in a couple of hours later. The block it’s in has recently been refurbished so it’s got brand new carpets, cental heating, an electric shower, new kitchen units and an extractor fan for my cooker. It’s a bit more per month than my old flat and slightly smaller, but I think the ++s outweigh the –s. I got the keys today and am planning to get stuff moved in this coming week/weekend. Rar!

Went out to Sin on Friday evening, had a really good time. Seemed to have mucho energy and spent a lot of time on the dancefloor. As Baz is no longer DJing there, it was down to mix master Matt to entertain us for all four hours. There was a noticable lack of stuff from the noizer end of the alt electro spectrum and more synthpop and guitar based tunes, althought the goth rock set went by fairly quickly. I would say that there were were less overplayed tracks this month, but still a deficiency in the floor filling futurepop anthem department (although Chrome did get an airing and it’s been a while since I’ve heard that). I burnt a CD for Matt which included the flipside club mix of the new Apop single and the Pendulum remix of Voodoo People, but neither CD player would deign to read the CD-R. Later on had the idea that Matt should get a account and take note of what his regulars have been listning to in the last month; this would save on us having to remember to make requests on the forum every month (which I inevitably fail to do). Many peeps came back to Andy and Jo’s to listen to music and play SNES games. Then I slept.

Went to meet my mum at 11am after a whole four hours of sleep. Showed her the flat which she seemed inpressed with, and lugged the first car load of my posessions up the stairs. Eventually got home and crashed until 9pmish. Felt I would go insane if I stayed in on a Saturday night so blindly headed over to Cage to see if anyone was out. Met up with Jim, his girlfriend (shusht, I’m terrible with names), and later on Wendy. Rocked out. Afterwards peeps lingered around outside for the customery hour or so before heading up to a mate of ‘s for a gathering then a crashing.

Sunday basically consisted of myself meeting up with mum again and doing a couple of journies between my grandparents (where all my stuff is being stored) and my flat. My flat. “My flat”. Man, that sounds good to say. Now I’m off to go crash again.

P.S. 40-Watt Phased Plasma Rifle. “This authentic replica is non-functional.”

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