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Right, so, yeah. I’ve been up to a few things so I’ll start with the latest and work backwards then forwards again, which seems sensible in an I-can’t-be-arsed-thinking-about-it-in-that-much-depth-and-those-who-get-confuzzled-can-go-sod-themselves-due-to-not-reading-the-whole-thing-through kind of sensible way.

I arrived in Edinburgh on Saturday evening with , DJ Matt and his lady friend Sarah for the last TNAC. Overall the night was rather enjoyable and as per usual much dancing was done and attempts at getting drunk failed miserably. I think I’ll just try straight shots next time. Shouts out to all the peeps I met and big thanks to for organising it all. A big up also to J0hn and Matt too, my personal glowstick refuelling team; you guys were there for me in my time of fading-glowstick need ;D, and my thoughts go out to the poor DJs that had to put up with a wonky CD player that glitched every second track played in the last couple of hours or so. and kindly provided crashspace, dank oo! Awoke mid afternoon and took a trip to see the new Narnia film with Leila and some of her friends and later on, as I had the Monday off, decided to check out Neon. Similar atmosphere to Cage but a slightly larger dancefloor and a much better variety of music, more like a cross between Cage and Sin. They played the Pendulum remix of Voodoo People which I’d been waiting ages to hear in a club, the newest Apop single, The Book of Heavy Metaaaaaaaalll!! (\m/), plus some other misc bleep. The club was open till 5am due to an extended holiday licence but we left around 3 to get some food in us and so Leila could flop somewhere soft. (Leila; you still have my chocolate milk and assorted cheeses! ;p). Snoozed rather late, again, then turned up and we were all treated to a delicious toad in the hole by Tara. It started getting rather late (damn time!) so I was guided to the bus station and seen off by Leila. Got the 11pm Citylink to Perth where I changed over on to a Megabus where I bumped into Daz who had been down in London for the weekend. Caught up with him and eventually arrived in Dundee around 12:40. Did my usual fuck-I’m-back-in-Dundee-so-I-deserve-some-luxury thing of getting a taxi back to my flat and got back to discover that my Dad must have been over at some point as the electric cooker was now connected and I now had venetian blinds on my bedroom window. Score! Only this morning did I discover that although having used the power point to plug in the drill and subsequently reconnecting my alarm clock and resetting the time, he had set it to 12 hours the wrong end of things and I had thus set my alarm for 7:20pm so I was ever so slightly late for work >_<. A bit of a rewind and a quick summary of the previous few weeks with some thoughts follows; On Saturday the 3rd I ventured out with Wendy to catch Alex Barck of Jazzanova do a DJ set at The Reading Rooms. I absolutely love Jazzanova and the whole Compost Records/Sonar Kollektiv nu-jazz/broken beat sound and, although Dundee sucks on a whole, I feel rather glad to live in a place that has a club night (Electric Lady, formerly Homeless) that’s well enough connected to get in loads of top quality bands/DJs. And I will catch Mr Scruff next time he’s here having missed him on his previous visits.

Friday the 9th was a night of proper metal at Jag. Met up with and rocked out to Black Sabbath, Metallica, Iron Maden, AC/DC, Alice Cooper et al. I hadn’t been for months but it felt so good to have a metal night free of alt rock/nu-metal/metalcore/punk/ska/emo, etc, if just to remind one what the classic stuff sounds like. I might even return next month, preferably if any other Dundee peeps are interested? That’s the problem with Dundee; I prefer both specific nights that focus on certain kinds of music, but it can be hard to find others who are interested in coming along, and general nights that play a good mix of all kinds of stuff including metal/rock and bleep, but the only thing like that in these parts is the monthly Friday night Kerosene and although that doesn’t really play newer stuff or a wide enough variety of styles, if Neon can do it in Edinburgh on a Sunday then it shouldn’t be that hard on a Saturday in Dundee. Cage, Dundee’s general Saturday night seems to yo-yo between dull and monotonous and rather good fun, but it all to often hinges on who’s out and on how drunk everyone is. To be fair, I did go out to Cage the evening after, I did have a load of fun and DJ Doug did express when I spoke to him that he has been trying to play a better variety of stuff (mainly because he’ll be doing a Versus night with the DJ from Felt, the Thursday night at The Reading Rooms at some point soon), but I’ll never forget the time he played Covenant’s Call the Ships to Port and cut it off two thirds of the way through even though there were peeps on the dancefloor at the time. Being the sole DJ at Cage he needs to loosen up, but it remains to be seen if he will change his ways like has said he will or revert back to overplayed tracks that keep the people who really care about the music away, or to playing strings of songs that keep the dancefloor empty for over half an hour.

Entropy, the punk and related genres night on Friday the 16th was bouncy goodness. I’ve said it before but punks just know how to have fun. I even met a couple of peeps, Mhari and Bob, who mentioned they’re into digital hardcore and the like, so we’re going to do a CD swap and I’m making up a breakcore/power/rhythmic noise compilation to pass on when I meet them at the Doghouse this Wednesday evening (although I’m working 1-9pm that day and have my works team night out the same evening. Argh, logistics!).

And that just about brings me back to just now. Oh, a couple of other things to note before I forget re jobs. After a strategic review, BT has decided not to renew the contract with ClientLogic (the company I work for) for BT Business Broadband tech support, instead going with a company with call centres based in Bangalore, India. That means my position will cease to exist at some point between January and March (they haven’t actually told us when). What a great Christmas present for all the staff here! (Mother fuckers). Although, saying that, while this site will be remaining open and taking on new contracts (apparenty there are companies “queueing up” to get in here), the Derby and Bristol sites with their 886 odd staff are closing down completely. Poor peeps 🙁 Needless to say the CWU are up in arms about this, and it will sure as hell piss a load of customers off, but I doubt that will effect the decision as people who go with BT for broadband tend to do it because of the brand name and the false sense of security it gives. A brief look at ADSLguide gives the true story. But saying that, I’m actually waiting to hear back from Abertay Uni (the smallest Uni in the UK, random fact) re a job in their technical support dept. The position title is Senior Information Assistant in the Digital Media Resources dept and would involve misc things such as helping staff with technical problems, rebuilding pooters and helping with general a/v things for conferences, etc. I had the interview two weeks ago and received a call last week advising that there were now three positions available and I was one of four people short listed for it, so fingers crossed and I’ll see what happens…

Well, enough of my rambling, catch yas later.

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