Infest 2005

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Only four months after the fact, but better late than never.. (Apologies if I’ve forgotten anything or have got the order of events muddled up; I’ve a terrible memory which is why I like to get as much as I can down).

Friday – August, 26th

After pulling an all-nighter (just in case) I departed my flat at 6am to meet up with and catch the Megabus to Manchester. Got a bit of a snooze in on the way down, and everything seemed to be going just swimmingly until the coach started getting slower.. and slower.. until it shuddered to a halt on the hard shoulder. Almost 2 hours, a whole host of expletives and several card games with peeps headed to Reading and the Gay Pride event later, we got going again, only for another stop lasting 30 mins for the drivers needed to change over as the replacement had wandered off somewhere after deciding he couldn’t be arsed waiting for us to turn up. By the time we arrived in Manchester our connection had long gone, but after a change of tickets for £2 each plus a 2 hour wait in a Baltically cold bus station, we were off to Bradford! Finally we arrived at 6pm (only 12 hours after departing Dundee, longer than a sodding journey to London), met up with and headed up to the Trinity Halls.

Had a cold shower (only to learn the next day of the hot water boiler switch in the kitchen >_<) and a change then headed down to Da Venue. Met up with , Gav (Mr Evil Girlie) and other peeps (who’s names my terrible memory has denied me remembering). Didn’t see any of Univaque but I wasn’t particularly upset about missing the first band of the first night of Infest. Caught all of Pow[d]er Pussy who I thought were nice and bouncy but lacking a certain special something (like Proyecto Mirage had last year). Fixmer/McCarthy were top shit, nice and shouty in an old school style, and it was great to hear a load of Nitzer Ebb tracks as well.

After much dancing I headed to an afterparty with P0rl, Gav, Paul and his Australian girlfriend (who we randomly met last Infest but who were planning to move down under soon after,) Sleepy Dan, Dave Colter (who turned me on to psytrance that night through an amazing track with an incredibly catchy hook that ended with portmanteau he had on his mobile) and a nice gentleman who provided some choons (who I believe was a Chains DJ). The lucky sods in those halls had a swimming pool and sauna available as part of the dead.

Saturday – August, 27th

Got up 1pmish, relatively early for me at Infest. Chatted with some peeps from Northern Ireland who were in the same Trinity hall corridor as I was for a bit then wandered down to the pub and bumped into various #uk_goffs including , , and . Caught all of Tin Omen who were average to good goffic industrial rock then headed back to the bar for a second round of #uk_goffs including , , , and . Missed The Azoic but I’m sure I’ll catch them again somewhere at some point.

Was hugely disappointed by HIV+ — I found their studio stuff interesting and was expecting a bit of a noizy bop, but their set was just too ambient and meh for the mood I was in, although I will have to give that whole duct tape thing a go myself at some point. Missed Decoded Feedback — only really heard them on misc industrial/ebm radio streams before and found them fairly generic, although I should properly check their stuff out at some point. Punch Inc were bouncy in a Pow[d]er Pussy/Proyecto Mirage kinda way, but I found myself getting bored yet again — the song structure got very predictable after a while and I couldn’t even be bothered dancing.

Covenant rawked. I’ve heard they were mining their synths but their stage presence was excellent with them all bouncing around and we were provided with a good giggle when Eskil tried and failed to hit the high notes in ‘We Stand Alone’. Can’t remember much of the new material apart from ‘Ritual Noise’, but my mind was wondering around that point due to a certain something inside me. ‘s set was, like, shwow. A really good mix of tracks and styles, had me dancing like a loon. A trip to Chains is required at some point next year me thinks 🙂

Wandered back up to the halls afterwards where I bumped into a couple of the Northern Ireland peeps who informed me there was a bit of an afterparty going on in Trinity B. Headed over there for a bit where I met some peeps who were over from Spain including Erik aka DJ Further (who had lost his ear piercing plug and was using a USB cable connector to fill the hole – propa geek chic!). They had a laptop with them and had found an open wi-fi access point which they were using to LJ and p2p with 😉 Eventually headed back to my room only to bump into , , and who invited me on an adventure to the utility room in which they’d stumbled across an abandoned Morrisons trolley. Drunk goffs + shopping trolley = trollied goffs. Wandered to a few more afterparties then went exploring in the Bellamy Halls with Fuzzy and Nils where we discovered The Void in the basement (for anyone going next year, remind me and I’ll show you where..). Then I headed off to crash. Zzzzzzzzzz….

Sunday – August, 28th

Woke from my slumber about half 3ish. Showered and dragged myself down to the venue. Sat outside with , , , Lee [not Chaos] and . Felt so shattered all the way through the afternoon into the evening. Missed Deviant UK and Final Selection. Caught Iris with and ; they were sounding very much like Wolfsheim or DeMesh Mode — good at that specific genre, but nothing amazing. Kiew started off interesting with a mix of rhythmic noise and rock and roll guitars but overall I feel their songs could have done with better structure or something extra like some kind of bass line or interesting vocals. Milled about a bit, froze my ass off outside talking to Mz Pink, Gav, P0rl, and others, missed the Blutengel set (not that I really gave a shit), danced loads more and was a bit silly, and then it all ended. Wandered outside and milled around randomly, found and lost Rich, then headed up with Fuzzy, Nils, Lee, Ms Squiddy and others, looking for the afterparty to begin. Nils was on the case and soon after we wandered into some halls kitchen where a couple of DJs had set up some CD decks and some peeps were boogying on down in a corner of the room. Feeling the need to expend some more energy I joined them and stayed there for a few more hours until daylight started poking through the windows and everyone decided to head off and hit they hay.

Monday – August, 29th

Got back to my room but, as the battery on my mobile phone had gone flat, I had no way of knowing when it was or of waking myself up at the correct time, so I decided to pull another all-nighter. Tip: when trying to pull an all-nigher, it’s best not to do it lying in your bed. When I awoke again the sun wasn’t that high but I showered and quickly packed everything just in case. Sat outside on the grass for a while but didn’t see Stu or Aoife so sauntered on down to the bus station where I bumped into both of them waiting for Aoife’s ride out of Bradford. Then Stu and I went home. And that about sums it up for another year.

Overall, I missed several of the bands and generally wasn’t impressed by those although there were a few magic moments, but the whole atmosphere and social aspect of it was amazing as per usual. Shouts to all the peeps I met up with at various points throughout the weekend including , , , , (I licked your card!) et al, and I shall hopefully catch yas all next year!

P.S. Stu! It’s you!

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