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I received a call this morning to confirm that I’VE GOT THE JOB!!1! I start on the 16th of January which isn’t a moment too soon considering the shit ClientLogic has just pulled on us. Last week, my specific second-line team, the network help desk, were advised that “Oh, btw, you guys have Tuesday the 27th off due to the Christmas being on the Sunday, which you would have had off anyway”. I had the whole week between Christmas and New Years booked off as paid leave so I cancelled that holiday and shifted it to last Monday (the reason I decided to stay in Edinburgh so I could attend Neon). The shift changes were confirmed by our manager and all was good. Yesterday afternoon we (and the e-mail support team) were then advised “Oh, what I actually meant to say was that while you’re not scheduled to do any second-line support work, you are required to be in to take general front-line calls.” This has totally fucked several of our teams holiday plans over as there’s already someone away off to the Isle of Lewis for a week and others have had to cancel family meets in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Luckily enough, although I’ll be at my Aunts in Newburgh for Boxing Day, we’re not doing the usual stay-over-night thing so I’ll be back in time. I would consider simply not turning up as some peeps might or will have to do, but I can’t have any more crap with the management so I can get an ok reference. Needless to say, I have been jumping with joy at getting out of this fucking shit hole. They treat their employees like shit and have no regard to their feelings or commitments. I could rant on about the specifics but you’ve already had two very long posts from me recently and I’d rather not get caught up in the whole negativity of the situation given how ecstatically happy I should be feeling right now.

P.S. “One sped up ten second breakbeat”

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