Xmas time, mistletoe and vodka

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Sin on Friday was tops. Was good to see the Aberdeen crew again, chat to peeps and see some new faces out. Meh, I’ve finished all my glowsticks! That’s 80 (all yellow) used up in just over 6 months. *pouts and wonders when the next mass purchase is..* The club has been painted a dark purple (score!) and the change in entrance means the output from the smoke machine stays around longer, both of which seem to lend to a better atmosphere. Rose early next morning and hopped on the Megabus to meet up with who’s Mum and Gran had randomly decided to spend Christmas in Edinburgh. We wandered around for a bit then nosied through the castle, after which we headed back to the hotel to crash before sampling the cuisine at The Auld Hoose for dinner. Caught the bus just before 9pm back and was picked up by Dad then whisked off to the parental abode for Christmas. Had a lovely meal with my Mum’s side of the family today and will be heading over to my Aunt and Uncle’s in Fife tomorrow for Part Deux (Dad’s Family Rmx). Me so tired. Nini y’all!

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