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MilkMiruku — Melt Mix (44:32, 68.5Mb)

Another play around with Acid Pro 5, slightly longer this time with a more ambient/experimental electronic theme. Enjoy.

1. Boards of Canada — Happy Cycling
2. Scorn — Those Who Know
3. Subton — Calm
4. Trent Reznor — Slipgate Complex
5. Coil — Dismal Orb
6. 020200 — Artificial Intelligence
7. Autechre — Eutow
8. Combichrist — Beneath Every Depth
9. Kenji Kawai — Ghost Dive
10. 833-45 — Wraith
11. Digitalis — Transform
12. Jeye — Indeed Sir
13. Kattoo — 06

P.S. It’s Friday the 13th and my last day at ClientLogic tomorrow. Fucking cunts. Am going out to the pub afterwards (The Nether Inn if anyone’s interested) and possibly going to go and see Chico.

P.P.S. If you haven’t heard it yet, check out MilkMiruku — Electro Vibes Mix (no, not specifically the hip hop subgenre or the post-ebm genre, more a small selection from the result of the ripples the former genre started off).

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