A new year (and all that)

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So.. *taps fingers* it’s a new year. Given the fact that everyone else uses the time around an existentially arbitrary date in the calendar as a point of reference to reflect on the past 365 days, I guess I should jump on the band wagon too. 2005 was a good year I’d like to think. The biggest ups and downs seem to have balanced each other, mainly the roof of my old flat burning in forcing me to move then my finding my oh-so-much-better new place, and finding out my job was due to go to India then getting the job at Abertay Uni. Other things included my fluxuating monetary situation and getting to meet and know some cool peeps from various events like Infest and Dark City and my ventures down to London and Edinburgh. I got to know some people I’d met before but hadn’t properly spoken to better but I also learnt something about a certain long time friend that made my usually pacifistic blood boil. I learnt some more about life and the best ways to approach it, and I became close to two special people who mean a whole load to me. This coming year, well, I guess I’ll just continue on as normal. I’m happy with staying in Dundee with my new job for the now, not that I can really move due to the lease on the new flat, so getting out more to meet old and new friends and generally having fun is my top priority atm. So, yeah, bring it on!

P.S. Check out this sweet reworking of the Last Ninja 3 theme by mind.in.a.box’s Stefan Poiss.

P.P.S. Oh, and this is nifty. (Anyone wanna milky link?)

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