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OMG, I fucking work for Abertay University! I feel so elated at getting this position as it’s my first job working for an organisation that actually treats it’s employes nicely while I get do stuff I rather enjoy. In a nutshell, I deal with a/v shit. To be more specific, I (and the two other guys at my level) deal with most of the equipment situated in the teaching rooms (maintenence, rebuilding/imaging pcs, etc), loaning out a/v equipment and other misc stuff. We don’t touch any of the students pcs or any network shizat; that’s all handled by a team that DJ Matt is part off. Abertay is also planning to spend £2 million on refurbing part of the building to create a new ‘Media Lab’ that will house our offices and have lots of snazzy new t’ings for students to use that can also be hired out to the general public. And I have a fucking pension! It’s, like, crazy shit, man. Everyone seems nice so far, although the HR dept. has already proven how shit they are by forgetting to tell the IT team that I’d become a member of staff, delaying my account being setup by almost a week.

Anyway, I’m heading down to Birmingham tomorrow evening to attend the Dark Masquerade masked ball in Oxford with , which should be fun, so I’ll catch yas all later.

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