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Y’know, if I had the ability to find out one specific peice of information from any point in the history of mankind, I’d like to know who started The Game. I first heard it form London goths at the November WGW in 2002 but only when I stumbled upon the Wikipedia article did I realise how widespread it was. Unfortunatly, the thing about the Wikipedia article and the nature of and peoples attitudes towards The Game in general is that a) some people think it’s too silly to take seriously and add misinformation to the article, so it’s extremly hard to figure out what info on there is complete bollocks due to the whole word-of-mouth thing and b) some people take both the whole concept or even just loosing it too seriously and have invented variations like a 30 min grace period to forget about it before they actually loose or silly scoring systems. It’s a fucking joke people! Christ. Anyway, someone got a reference to it posted on the BBC online news magazine letters page yesterday. Also, someone has setup a site looking for the origins of the meme. However futile this might sound, a few people have made claim to where it all came from. But how sad are these! Then again, it would kinda spoil the mystery of the whole thing to know where it came from. And there are much more important things I could wish to know, for example the secret formula for Irn-Bru. I should probably ignore the Wikipedia article – I’d loose a whole lot less, plus I could always just give anyone I came across who claimed there was a grace period a slap in the face as I go along.

P.S. This reminds me I really should get a Something Awful forum account at some point.

P.P.S. Dark-hop! What’s that shit all about? (And it’s good shit, I assure you).

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