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Hazaa, the first major Jabber client, Psi, has implemented the PubSub based User Tune system. The following ponderings now require resolution. When will we get a Winamp plugin to publish tune info to a pubsub node (like this)? Will my own client of choice, JAJC, ever start to support pubsub? Indeed, will JAJC ever support many of the newer and interesting JEPs such as Nested Roster Groups, Invisibility, Flexible Offline Message Retrieval (oh, how I just love getting 50 messages from JabRSS when I’ve been off-line for a while..), Delayed Delivery, etc? Either that, or when will Psi sort out the annoyingness of it’s GUI? Every 6 months I go on a quest, searching around in hope that someone has started coding a client with features and a GUI good enough that I would be happy calling it a killer app, although nothing has met my requirements as of yet. Anyway, now that more users are taking up Google Talk, which uses the Jabber protocol and which has quietly started supporting S2s recently, the task of implementing voice and video over Jabber has become a high priority, with Google and the JSF working together to get things sorted out. This year should be rather good for Jabber 🙂

P.S. While MSNM has nudges, Jabber has POKE, but that is just sad 😉

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