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So I was in Edinburgh at the weekend. Met up with on Friday, met and and a couple of other nice people who’s names I forget (sorry). Was great to be around people who trust each other enough to be able to take chide from each other without assumption that it was meant in a bad way. Finally got to see Rez in action, is probably something I’d have to sit down at for an evening to get into though. Didn’t get far on the level with the Freeland track Mind Killer (or ‘Fear’ as the Rez soundtrack calls it) anyway ;). Went out to a night at Studio 24 named Fuzz. Looking at the site now, it bills itself as “A new Rock, Alternative & Indie night, playing the better tracks often ignored by more repetative [sic] rock nights.”. Haha, more like a non-step four and a half hour set of Madchester [1] stylee indie rock. It was novel for a while and there were a few tracks to bop on the dancefloor to, but way too big a dose in the end. Also randomly introduced myself to and chatted about Infest for a bit which was cool. Will need to check out Cyberia at some point too. Went out on Saturday to shop for a few things, got a nice pipe, couldn’t find any damn shoelaces that wouldn’t snap after a few days wear though. Went back to the flat and chilled with and for a bit, got a bit stonned [sic] then managed to nod off and sleep through most of Ascension. Ah well, nm. Lazed about more on Sunday which was fun then headed for the bus station and home in the evening.

This evening (that is, the evening of Tuesday) , , and I watched Serenity. I had high hopes for it after seeing the first 9 minutes of the movie a few months back, and while it had an interesting enough plot it lacked a certain something and just dragged in places, plus when the going got tough towards the end there were a few annoying Hollywood cliches that soured the experience. I should probably watch Firefly at some point though.

Oh yeah, and I watched Doom on Monday evening. What a waste. What a god damn waste. Ugh, I’m not even going to start. Ugh. Thrice, ugh.

P.S. I am an ENTJ (Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging), not that I actually have much faith in the results of Myers-Briggs tests as I feel there are too many false dichotomies that people hold onto in this world and that it doens’t help to try and class people by them.

P.P.S Y.A.3.D.D. This one looks kinda promising though..

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