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Going to Edinburgh for Fimbulvetr, and tomorrow, as my previous post mentioned, I’ll be dancing to Dave Clarke.

and I are considering doing the DJ Skills nightclass at Perth College (where I got my HND in audio engineering) which covers “Audio safety and system configuration; beats per minute (BPM); beat mixing (the first steps); pitching a mix (BPM matching); phrasing; scrathcing (incorporating the various techniques within); set construction; producing demo recordings; broadcast DJing; career options and an introduction to dance music production”, although we’d need to check if it’s vinyl or whatever and how much time we would actually get to give it a go ourselves. I’ve only done proper DJing once before at an afterparty where I used beginners luck to get a perfect beatmatch on the first mix, after which it all fell apart, but that was over three years ago now and I’d love to give it another shot at some point. I’ve been thinking about getting either CD decks or a controller so I can do mixing with audio files on, say, a laptop for a while now, it’s just the whole no-cash thing that’s holding me back 😉

While I’m on the subject (generally speaking), Reg Hardware is reporting that “PortalPlayer, the chip maker behind the Apple music player’s audio logic … courtesy of a tie-in with UK-based Bluetooth chip design pioneer CSR, aka Cambridge Silicon Radio … will integrate its PP5022 audio chip family with CSR’s UniFi Wi-Fi and Bluetooth controller. It will demonstrate a reference platform based on the combined technology next week at the 3GSM show in Barcelona.” So, new iPods from Apple with WiFi and Bluetooth functionability, which inevitably will force the hand of other suppliers in the portable music deice market to follow suit. Hopfully anyway, and then the phenomenon of people broadcasting the music they’re listning to and/or listning to the music of others nearby will start to appear. I’ve daydreamed about this for a few years now, would be great to see it become a reality. And I’m sure units could [eventually] be used as repeater units. The possabilities might even include mesh wifi access, but the one I’m most exited about is flash mob silent discos!

P.P.S. ; I will look into all that crap once I have some time at the start of next week.

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