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“There are many benefits to studying at Lakehead University. Ubiquitous wireless Internet access, however, isn’t one of them. That’s because president Fred Gilbert won’t allow it until he’s satisfied EMF (electric and magnetic fields) exposure doesn’t pose a health risk, particularly to young people.” – link

“Katherine Albrecht is on a mission from God. The influential consumer advocate has written a new book warning her fellow Christians that radio frequency identification may evolve to become the “mark of the beast” — meaning the technology is a sign that the end-times are drawing near.” – link

“Rep. Mike Ferguson (R-N.J.) has introduced a bill to cripple all digital radios. The Audio Broadcast Flag Licensing Act of 2006 (H.R. 4861) requires all digital radio makers to build their devices so that they only permit “customary uses” of broadcasts. That means that no one ever gets to invent any new radio tech ever again unless the RIAA approves of it.” – link

P.S. “Situational science is about respecting both sides of a scientific argument, not just the one supported by facts!”

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