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Articles I have created since last time include Patrick van Kerckhoven (aka DJ Ruffneck, founder of Enzyme, big guy in nu style gabber), Hardcore dance music (man, ‘hardcore’ is a damn confusing term), 21st Circuitry (a record label that Metropolis swallowed up a few years back), Marc Trauner (aka Marc Acardipane, Mescalinum United, and over 60 other aliases. Electronic music fans are most likely to have the Aphex Twin remix of his track ‘We Have Arrived’ if nothing else) and Lab 4 (hard dance duo, popular with goths). If you have any info or references to add to any of these articles, please go ahead and edit them or comment here.

And while I’m at it, here’s some links:

  • Come the Revolution – I shall be interested to see how the fate of Nintendo’s Revolution pans out, specifically how it’s going to be marketed and what the public will make of the controller. It’s the only console I’ve been interested in purchasing in the last few years (I’ve never actually owned a console before as I’m usually a hardcore keyboard and mouse playa).
  • The Great HDCP Fiasco – “You want to know a secret? None of the current ATI or NVIDIA graphics cards will support the full capabilities of Windows Vista.” Graphics cards marketed as being HDCP compatible, basically put, aren’t. That’s rather nasty for all those that have invested hundreds on high end cards recently.
  • Hi-tech trainer – Specifically made with Mexicans who wish to become illegal US immigrants in mind. “The shoe includes a compass, a flashlight because people cross at night, and inside is included also some Tylenol painkillers because many people get injured during crossing”.
  • Things you don’t want Google to find – An old concept but a good article summing up the practice of using Google to search for password files, pay rolls, router admin login pages and other ‘top secret’ things people unwittingly allow others to access online.
  • Israeli Anti-Semitic Cartoon Contest – Jews that know it’s ok to make fun of oneself once in a while. Seriously, there are too many people in the world that just need to lighten up.
  • Silly tube maps – Weird and novel versions of the London tube map, including the anagram map which spawned many others from around the world.
  • Hong Kong architecture – Some beautiful shots of high-rise/high-density flats. Lovely patterns and breath-taking scale.
  • b3ta qotw: drugs – Munters laugh at themselves. Many funny tales of drug induced antics.
  • How to Make Yourself a Hall’s High-Tech Slide Bazooka – The title says it all really.

P.S. Flying Spaghetti Monster tenticle porn!

P.P.S. Just cleaned up the Ultraviolence article and added a pic courtesy of 🙂

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