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The Second Annual MySpace Stupid Haircut Awards! – This guy has an impeccable knowledge of super hero haircuts.
Bluuuurgh (for lack of a better link text) – Sick of fashion?
Sudan man forced to ‘marry’ goat – And they only made him buy it in the end!
Snake ‘befriends’ snack hamster – Like, aaw..
HOV lane is not for dummies – Inflatable dolls are being used in the US to avoid fines for driving alone in car pool lanes.
Ginger Bumping Milk (hot) – I’ll have that one please.
Stupid GTA rip-off game – “HOW IS THIS A FEATURE?”
EMF Reducing Clothing – A tin-foil hat baseball cap. Do they do black though?
Furry bowling – Read the comments to witness fursecution first hand.
I bet this guy must be thrilled about this.

“Go to GoodWill and buy a bunch of toys that make goofy noises and maybe a cheap old casio keyboard. Leave them scattered about your studio, and keep a soldering iron handy. You never have to actually do anything with them, but it will give you immense cred when the photographers from FutureMusic stop by.”

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