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It’s weird the amount of stuff a Googlex search for a fairly unique nickname will return.

Anyway. My grandparents are moving soon from the home my mum, aunt and uncle grew up in, and which is now on the market, to a flat in a sheltered housing block in Newport[-on-Tay], so my mums side of the family were all invited over for drinks and a chat in the new place, which was nice. While their current house is fairly old and has fair sized rooms while still managing to feel cosy, the new flat is only a room bigger than my current flat. And the hallway stink of old people. I get depressed thinking about it all. I wonder how they feel about it. Ach, it’s all absurd. Afterwards, I went back to my aunt and her partners with my parents and we had a Chinese take-away and a few drinks. I’d never been with my parents in a situation like that as a grown up, it was weird but nifty at the same time, especially with Cath and John as they’re a right laugh. My parents can be cool and funny, but I often wish the were more liberal. The grief I got for announcing I was bi, and then they found out I was wearing skirts. Mum got rather upset and stressed about it. Was not a good time. I can get so narked with them at times, it’s annoying, but I know they just want to help (guide?) me through (the early, hopefully) stages of my life.

Saturday. I went into work at 11am to do the audio for an Indian dance festival in the Abertay University main lecture theatre. Images to be found here (pdf. If you’ve got Firefox, get this). It was the first time I’d worked on a proper live event. The equipment I had to use was annoyingly antiquated, and the group doing the event wasn’t that professional either. After hassles the night before when it was discovered that the Estates dept hadn’t checked to see if the stage in the hall was clear (it had concrete blocks and scaffolding on it, the set from some other external organisation’s play), we setting everything up in perfect timing for the start of the show. A load of post-it note ladled CDs and cassettes and a stage script that didn’t have any cues marked on it later, and the performance was under way. Bloopers included my being so nervous and accidentally pausing the first track 30 seconds in for a split second, the tape that hadn’t been queued up to the correct track even after I had specifically asked if it had or not, the lack of a good EQ or compressor to run instruments and vocals through, meaning I had to constantly ride the faders to compensate for any loud peaks as the performers had not had any microphone technique training before. But all in all, it went fairly well in the end, and some of the dances were pretty stunning. I love interpretive dancing, some parts I feel have links with glowsticking. But enough about that. Everything finished at 4pm and all the equipment was packed up and cleared away by 5pm.

That evening (wwooOOoo… fucking writing style *slap* stop self-deprecating! ouch!) I went out to Headway with just . Poor wasn’t feeling to well, and just couldn’t be arsed. Lots of top quality techno and house plus a bit of electro and breaks was glowsticked to, and as it was the first proper night in the Abertay Union since it had been opened, it wasn’t too busy. Rah, dancefloor space. Screw you Ascension. We met up with my workmate Dave plus a few others including Wendy, a friend from Cage, and the guys who run the night, after which we once again headed for a post-Headway after-party at Dave’s flat, which was great fun. Decks and a shit load of quality vinyl was on hand so four or five of the guys took it in turns to mix, proving everyone, who were all the while getting wasted and dancing around the living room, with an endless stream of music until around 9am the next morning. Good times. Wobbled back up to my place and crashed for a few hours before waking again and getting picked up for a meal at my parents at their new farmhouse abode. Did I mention they will be renovating a disused church between Dundee and Forfar to live in before? My sister was through from Glasgow where she’s studying product design and is half-way through exams. She recently started a job in a fairly up-market bar. While I’m kinda sad I missed the whole getting-away-from-home Uni Experience ™ when I went to college, I’m glad I didn’t have to a) get a job to be able to live and b) stand endless coursework then exams. After a tea I couldn’t finish because my stomach wasn’t used to meals that big, we lazed on the sofa for a bit then I set-up MSNM on their PC so hopefully I’ll be able to talk to them at some point, seeing as I don’t have a land line and keep running out of mobile credit (although I should probably check out the lower end of contract deals at some point..). Got dropped of back at my flat, slept, and now it’s Monday.

Hmm, I’ve just noticed I don’t have a family category set-up on my blog..

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