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The strange case of the man who took 40,000 ecstasy pills in nine years – Heh, crazy dumb-ass.
The UK’s first number one song based on download sales alone. – Nuff said.
Health insurance may be mandatory in Mass. – That’s, um, one way of doing it…
Fish not as amazing as previously thought? – Yay, less guilt to feel for not eating as much fish as I should have.
Paperweight Severs Teacher’s Hand – Woopsy shit.

Discovering asteroid impacts using Google Maps/Earth – Accidental usages for new technology rock.
Why is it OK to show a man’s breasts on TV? – Too fucking right. See also.
This Boring Headline Is Written for Google – On the thought behind headlines in the age of google news.
Why IT and Users Hate Each Other – An analysis of business and geeks through comments made on a Slashdot post.
Death to User-Generated Content – Junkie robot peanuts.
American regional stereotypes – What do they think of each other? See also

XCute S50: Impossibly Thin Handset with 6-Megapixel Camera – Want.
Sweet wall mounted data projector from LG – Ooh, another want.
Boot Camp Public Beta (installation video) – Official dual booting into Windows on a Mac from Apple.
The Top 100 sites in the Web 2.0 world – Analyses RSS feeds for it’s ratings.
The Top 10 weirdest keyboards ever – Insert reference to breasts and The Orbitouch here.
NAT traversal for the SIP protocol – Makes my head boggle..
Catapulting materials to the moon – Wheeeeeeee!!!
Upgrade your Robosapien’s brain – Make it do something useful? :p
USB heated gloves, Lightup rug – More wantage… (even though it would help to have a laptop for the former.)
World’s Largest HDTV Unveiled – “The monster is 50 feet high by 137 feet across; it’s a 1750-inch screen.”
Kanguru 64GB Flash Drive Max – Fucking hooge! A snip at only £1600.
Custom Appliance Panels – As the comments ask, when’s the goatse version coming?
Charlotte van der Waals – “Desk clocks with 12 slides, each with the name of two major cities. To find the local hour in another time zone, simply roll the clock so the city representing that time zone is on top.”
Sony Network Walkman – Top size of 2Gb, looks like a USB key fob, comparable to the iPod shuffle.
8Gb USB 2.0 Microdrive – WANT!
Blu-ray, coming soon.. – Samsung to release first player
Analyse those EULAs – Here’s the WinXP EULA for an example.
Chilled in 60 Seconds – Mmm… chilled glass bottle Irn-Bru…
Quad-core processor – Available from Intel next January (or so they hope).
Black Ops of DNS – Weird shit you can do with DNS
GMC PAD – Waaannnt.. need to learn to drive first though.

1999: 90-Gigabyte Solid-State “Hard Drive?” – “This sounds like it’s too good to be true and the article excludes a lot of important information”
2006: 32 GB Flash Storage Drive Announced – “1.8” form factor, read speeds more than twice that of a normal hard drive, and the promise of 95% less power use.

Funny how times change..

Breyers And USA Gymnastics Subject of Sick, Twisted Spoof – Don’t forget to RTFA 😉
Playstation3 – Putting The Magic Back In Gaming! – ¥€$!
Jak hates you for throwing out his vintage porn. – Aww, he really hates you.
JEP-0183: Jingle Telepathy Transport – Hohoho, those Jabber guys…
Watch what kind of free CNN videos? — Heh, woopsy.
How to eat sushi – This is a must see. Think Look Around You but better.

Firefox Flaw Wrecked My Relationship, where a woman finds her partners browser history, makes the assumption he’s been cheating and dumps him, then files a bug report about the privacy flaw, and Mozilla Thunderbird Wrecked My Relationship where some stupid eedjit didn’t check his spam folder and missed mail from gf who then breaks up with him.

Skin, good enough to eat. – I’m hungry..
More peeps good enough to eat. – So hungry..
Acoustica: Alarm Will Sound Performs Aphex Twin by Alarm Will Sound
Messy desk, Manage your boss – Tips for work.
Interview with Ophidian – “Have you ever drank Buckfast?”
ISS012-E-21351 – A total solar eclipse, viewed from the ISS.
Grass Armchair – Now, I just need a lawn…
tunnelbana – Some nice pics taken from the cab at the front of a train.
Goth it up! – As a friend of mine used to say.
Limojet – “A one-of-a-kind custom jet converted into the utmost unique limo experience.”

P.S. A proper update soon, I promise.

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