Implant, back again for bang

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An attempt at off-loading some thoughts into my external memory bank.

A few weekends ago I was down in Manchester for the resurrection of Implant, featuring Mono No Aware. Arrived 3pm-ish after a Megabus down then wandered ’round the centre aimlessly looking for glowsticks before meeting up with . Got ‘train to his home in Ashton, was introduced to his mum, dumped stuff and prepared. Back to the centre again where we met up with some of P0rl’s mates and sipped a few cocktails in some bar. Gav and Claire arrived after a while then we all headed to The Zoo (which was a very sweet venue). Met, chatted with and bumped into many peeps including , , , , Rachel, , , and . The music was just as amazing and varied as I remember it from the Implant room at Dark City last year, but this time with added hardcore (which is good seeing as I’ve been on a massive hardcore/gabber/hardstyle bender recently), and although I don’t usually listen to proper noise/power electronica unless I’m in a certain mood, it was an amazing sensation to just stand at the edge of the dancefloor and have your ears assaulted by a total onslaught of randomness. ‘s set as TriaX was pretty blistering (sparks flew!) and Leif’s set was awesome. He really knows how to build up a track, making it a delight to dance to, although I thought it was rather noisier and a bit more sparse than his Infest set in 2004. Oh yeah, and the visuals were tops too. I couldn’t help grinning at the distorted clip from The Second Renaissance and when the logo swept in and out in time to the slowly pulsating white noise nearer the end of the set. After it all finished, P0rl, Rachel and I headed to Jillies for a bit where I stomped around to metal with glow before we headed to crash. All in all, a great night out, but I am rather annoyed with myself that I didn’t take the time to chat more with peeps I hadn’t seen in ages. I should probably be less bouncy in future, if you catch my drift. As for missing Ophidian and Laurent Garnier/James Holden/Nathan Fake in Glasgow, ach, well, they’ll be around again at some point.

P.S. Check the lovely pic of P0rl in the background here (enlarge for the close-up 😉

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