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Hazaa! After following this handy tutorial for the last couple of days, I can now do a basic weave. I decided long ago after seeing this breath-taking video that if I was ever to take up poi/glowstringing that I would not do it out until I was at least of intermediate proficiency, so it’ll be a while before I showcase my mad skillz to the world. I find it strange and annoying that you sometimes see glowstringers out at events like Infest who only seem to be able to do basic moves that pale in comparison to the abilities of many of the videos you can get from (that is after you register). My style of glowsticking/liquiding is different from most other glow enthusiasts I’ve seen out and about in that I prefer a slower kind of grace, peppered with elements of locking, moshing and the goth 2-step over speed and more technical mores like hand flows, splits, etc (although catch me when I’m rolling and it can be a whole other ball game), so I’m wondering how my stringing style will turn out. *does the pie dance* Right, bed time.

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