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Russian Thieves Break Into Soviet-Era Missile Silo to Find it Filled With Money Bills – Nuff said.
Berlusconi silent after Prodi declared Italian election victor – Hahaha, schadenfreude time!

Op-ed & discussion
One Big Bang, or were there many? – “People have inferred that time began [with the big bang], but there really wasn’t any reason for that inference”
10 rules to manage your boss – Some handy tips for working with rather than around your boss.
The Culture War – Traditional values vs. the changing world throughout the years.
Ghost Speakers – I am a ‘ghost speaker’ to some extent, although I’m more just sharing the links I’m interested in for you n00bs who might also be interested but can’t be arsed with RSS or don’t know where to look.
FUCK – Exploring fuck.

Boot Camp First Look: Half Life 2 Video + More – A bit old now, but interesting none-the-less.
Google Talk now does avatars and themes – Maybe I should give it another look. Or maybe I’ll stuck with a pure Jabber client.
TDK Shipping $19.95 Blu-ray Blanks – Some expensive potential coasters.
Windows Vista installed on an iMac – Just to show it can be done.
Retro stylee microphone case mod – Good, but not as good as the anime doll mod.
Hard Drive Interface for 360 – For anyone that cares.
Developers React To ‘Wii’ – Weeeeeeeeeeeee!
Silver Wallet #1 – I think I’ve found my new wallet.
Simply Google – Easy access to the different functions of Google, still doesn’t beat Googlex though.
DVD+RW DL (8.5Gb) – Does anyone use RW discs that much though?
Army of Two – Interesting sounding “principally co-operative [360] action game” from EA.

Replace ordinary eggs in cake recipe with Cadbury Creme Eggs and observe results. – “Hypothesis: THIS IS GOING TO BE SO AWESOME”
10 reasons why gay marriage should be illegal – God damn homos.
Age of Umpires II: Age of Cricket. – I’m loving the screenshot ;D
In-tro-ducing… flamewar – “Trolls Masquerading as Legit LJ Users: have a field day”
Conversational Ebonics – Learn such helpful phrases as “Shut up bitch!” and “Once you go black, you never go back” in Japanese
The Incredible Sega Rap – Oldskool.
Coming Attractions – “Sending text messages from your cellphone or PDA to a scrolling comments bar, soon to be present at the bottom of every movie screen, will allow you to critique films like a regular cyber Ebert and Roeper.” – For all those into robotics out there.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal – Webcomic along the lines of The Far Side but somewhat cruder. ([1], [2], [3], [4])
Hacking MySpace layouts – For all of us sad enough to have a MySpace.
Armchair bookcase – Sweet.. If only I had the room/money.
Paper Sculpture – Pretty and intricate foldings.
Mucho icons! – In-case you need any.

YouTube and the neglected art of lip-syncing. – Links to various weird and wonderful vids.
Captain Picard doing something very unusual – S’like, wtf? 😀
Descent of Huygens onto Titan – Shows a shot from below the NASA lander plus loads of stats at the side and audio derived from said stats.
Windows Vista presentation – Audio from a Vista demonstration to video of Mac OS X
They’re Made Out of Meat – A nice wee sci-fi short. If you like that, check the original story.
Titanic: Two The Surface – It’s hard to tell at first as you wouldn’t put it past them..
Otaku from USA – A quick Japanese documentary on American anime/manga fans in Japan.
Pink – Part of a series of films comissioned by Adidas. See the links at the top left for more.

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