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Google Calendar rocks. Lifehacking and Web 2.0 kick ass.

Last Friday night was spent at Perception, a new dance night at The Cotton Club. When I got there, fairly early on, it was Full Intention stylee house, the kind of stuff that’s annoyingly pop sounding. Thankfully things swiftly moved onto a more acid/progressive vibe, then tech-house, then some quality early trance floorfillers with Jay-M finishing off the night with a hard trance set. I loved the variation throughout the night and glowsticked the night away. Bumped into a few peeps that I’d met previous at the hard dance night Disfunction which was cool. Pics and a video available on DontStayIn.

Saturday evening was an impromptu party at and ‘s with , Micha and Kerin. Nice relaxing night, although I couldn’t really be arsed getting that drunk. Need to prepare better next time, get some energy drinks and voddy on the go, like back in the day..

On Sunday I went to see Dave Clarke DJ (again) at the London club in the centre of town. Had never been there before, although had passed by crowds of neds and townies queuing to get in. It being Sunday, it was relatively quiet. I had work the next day and new I was probably doing a Bad Thing, but it was Dave Clarke in Dundee and you don’t see that everyday. Met some of the guys from Headway, a couple of which were DJing in the main room. Yes, main room. They had Dave on in the smaller space, no idea why, although it might have been some weird contractual thing between the organisers and the club. Dave Clarke was tops, mainly hard techno as expected with a few lighter tracks thrown in such as that James Holden track with the perky skipping then tumbling melody that I can’t remember the name of. However, I wasn’t really in the right mood half the time and kept wandering through to the main room which was more funky house orientated. Three quarters of the way through the night, I wandered back to the ‘G room’ (geddit?) to hear Nitzer Ebb’s ‘Murderous’ being played which got me in a glowsticking frenzy. Then some funkay new electro and before I knew it, he was doing this scratching-a-rock-tune-that-had-been-drowned-in-delay last-tune-of-the-night thing. T’was enjoyable to see him again, and what’s even better is that, while I got to bed at 03:30, I managed to get myself so worked up about waking on time for work, that my body clock woke me up right before the alarm plus I had enough energy to get right through the day. I love it when that happens.

Previous weekends and other stuff coming soon.

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