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How to practice Islam in space? – Kind of tricky.
Modernizing the Muslim world – So, ‘women are important but things are slowley getting better’; how fucking obvious is that? How shit-for-brains stupid would you have to be to have missed that? And polygamy? What? That’s nothing to do with the way in which gender has fucked up this world. And clean your mouth out with some NPOV soap.
Totally Appropriate Covers – Flipping gender roles; if sex doesn’t matter, no kind of activity should be restricted towards either sex.
A Game For All Ages – “In many ways, Nintendo is the Apple of the gaming world, and it’s betting its future on the same wisdom. The race is not to him who hulas fastest, it’s to him who looks hottest doing it.”

Techy news
Intel claims 40% performance gain with new Core 2 Extreme processor – Intel giving AMD a run for their money.
Massachusetts OpenDocument plans questioned by disabled – The geeks kinda missed that out but trust the open-source loving vendors to come to the rescue.
LucasArts Shows Interest In Wii Lightsaber Game – Hehe, this should be fun.
Robotic tentacles get to grips with tricky objects – Animatronic tenticle porn anyone?
Microsoft Sides With Nintendo Against Sony – Ooh, handbags at the ready! Insightful comments abound.
Sun Says Java Source Already Available – Uh, that’s not what open source is…
Volkswagen’s New Car Experience – Car parks of the future?
Yes, we are still all about search – Even more new stuff from Google. Google Desktop 4 will feature “Google Gadgets” which sounds very similar to Konfabulator, uh, I mean Yahoo! Widget Engine. I use Google Desktop at work because I use it for work, mainly because you can integrate outlook todo lists and calendar appointments but at home I prefer to use litestep and have a more oraganic feel when integrating additional apps.
Mapping a path for the 3D Web – “We are identifying areas to explore. We’re seeing mountains in the distance and saying, ‘There’s something there, someone should go investigate it.'”
PS3 Launch Details Announced – Ooooouch.. check some of the /. comments. “Sony, say hello to third place.”

Other techy things
Then again, it might not be overclocking after all – An addendum to There’s an awful lot of overclocking out there which I posted about last year. See, Microsoft does do something with all those crash reports users submit.
A 4.1 GHz Dual Core at £79.95 – Can it be True? – Overclocking!

Hell Money – Expenseive place, hell.

Bible Brew – What would Jesus brew?

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