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Great-grandma tattoos “DO NOT RESUSCITATE” on her chest – Practical body art.
Drunk Monkeys Mirror People – Research money well spent there.
Japan faces chopsticks crisis – OH NOES!
Kissing ‘could help hay fever – I’ve got allergic rhinitis btw, so if anyone would oblige..

Tech news
Controller showdown: PlayStation 3 vs Wii – PS3 controller is laggy and the Wii can be oversensitive. Early days yet though..
Bon Echo (aka Firefox 2) Alpha 2 Review – Screenshots with comments. Integrated spellchecking, session restores, nice rendering of RSS/ATOM feeds, and finally, a way to remove search engines. Unfortunatly, the feature I was most looking foward to isn’t there; “One of the most notable features missing in Alpha 2 is Places, the new personal web directory system that integrates bookmarks and history in a single interface. Due to its complexity it has been phased out for Firefox 3.” Firefox 2; Safer, Faster, Better.
Samsung 16GB Flash Drive for Sale? – Possibly, maybe? Natch, it’s $1999 (£1057. Yes the exchange rate is well in the £’s favour atm.), but roll on the rise of the solid-state hdd. Re the comment “Where are the pendicular solid-state drives?”, see the awesome animated advert for Hitachi’s new Perpendicular Recording hard drive technology.
History Of Playstation 3 Pricing – Standard expensive console prices. Also, Merrill Lynch Predicts $200 Wii (£106), but then again they also predicted the highest price for the PS3. Ah, the rumors and speculation..
X-Box 360 Hacked! – Allowing one to play copies of games.
Apple DVR Soon? – “When Steve Jobs says: ‘The new products in the pipeline are the best I’ve ever seen in my life,’ he means it. And think of some of the products he has seen in his life: sliced bread, the steam locomotive, and penicillin.”

Techy things
InventablesRubber Umbrella, Transparent Toaster – Someone, hurry up and make them!
Hooligan chants silenced by delayed echoes – That ought to shut them up. Or, um, make them riot.
Airtrax Sidewinder: Omnidirectional Forklift – Check out those crazy mofo wheels man.
40″ LCD TV With Built-In DVR (40GB HD) – Digital convergance. Whatever happened to that buzz phrase? I rather liked it.
Nintendo Wii Classic Controller – Just in case you’re scared by the inevitable future of console controlers.
Electrophile: Devotion, rated – Each key has two metal contact point which give the user an electric shock of increasing intensity as they use they kayboard. Youch!
Create 3D images with ease – A service that lets you upload a series of pictures of an item then creates a basic flash-app you can rotate. I’m sure it’ll come in handy for something.
The Million Dollar Cellphone – ‘spensive.
Teddy Bear Remote Control – With instructions on how to make your own.
X-Box 360 Case Mod – Twice the size of the original, but apparently faster.
USB Aroma Diffuser – Yet another USB peripheral (YAUP). I’ve been looking for easy-for-a-lazy-person-to-use nice-smelling-thingy for a while now.
John Carmack Q&A – MEGATEXTURES!
Self-stiring Cup – I always hate how you get gunk at the bottom of a hot chocolate that’s too sweet to eat
NYC 3D Prints – Google Earth meets those nifty 3D resin printers.
E3 1995 – Heh, check the Sega presence. Back in the day..

There Is Something Weird Going on With the Clock on 24 – Trust someone.
Bread statue popular with pigeons – Nuff said.
How to Take Better Dirty Pictures – *Takes notes*
Flaming Jello Shot How-To – Ooh, gotta try that..
How To play The Spoons – Clackity clack clack. Go get two spoons NOW!
Bacon Strip Plasters – Ooh, yummy. I forsee myself getting these, sticking them on the back of my hand then licking it like a cat for hours on end. Wait, they’re not favoured? Hmm.. I see a market niche!
Animal Sounds – A tabulation of onomatopoeicly written animal noises plus some animal commands and generic pet names from a number of different languages. *spanish dog panting*
Riot Goo – Who you gonna call? Riotbusters!

Nintendo Sixty-FOOOOOOOOOOUR – A classic.
E3 2006 The Nintendo Wii Line – Woo Wii!
Graffiti Research Lab – “The Graffiti Research Lab is dedicated to outfitting graffiti writers, artist and protestors with open source technologies for urban communication.” – Check out the videos, especially the LED throwies ones. Temporary hi-tech low-budget grafitti that’s amazingly beautiful. – Another classic. I haven’t had brain freeze in years!
BBC News 24 interviews the wrong guy – Quality. More info here.
Flaming Tuba – From the director of the forthcoming Simpsons movie
Stone Golem – Made from foam mattresses and hot glue for LARP purposes.

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