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A few months ago my parents informed me they’d be getting a new laptop for my sister on her 21st and that, because it was a tad more pricey than my own 21st present, they’d give me £500 to spend on whatever I wanted. Which is nice. So I thought long and hard about it and quickly answered back. Decks! Of the CD variety! I’ve done a bit of research and asking around over the last few months (thanks again to those who have helped) and am now pretty set on getting a pair of Pioneer CDJ-200s. has several bundle offers on so I was thinking of going for one with the Behringer DJX-700 mixer (which is essentially a clone of the Pioneer DJM-500 ). You never know when you might need those extra channels. But that’s £815, but, partly due to a mix-up with getting the P45 from my previous work, partly due to my procrastination, I’ve been on an emergency tax code since I started working at Abertay Uni in January. Thus, having received my P60 a couple of weeks ago, I am now due a hooge tax rebate some time soon. When I received this months pay slip I thought I’d better check with payroll about how to get said cash, they advised I fill out a P46. This will be sent off to the inland revenue and means that, with this months pay included (which I get next Wednesday) I won’t get taxed on the first £4000 I earn (P.A. or whatever term it is) until I get a proper tax code sorted out. This means I’m instantly getting £115 more a month after tax. Fuck me. Needless to say, much happy dancing has been done over this. So, by about the start of July I’ll be able to start doing some proper beatmatching. I’ll also be able to start buying CDs and the like, something I haven’t been able to budget for for a long while now.

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