Pendulum, FC Kahuna and last weekend

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That would have been two weekends ago then. In brief; Leila () and Shian () came up to Dundee and we, along with Andy (), Jo () and Rich (), went to see DnB threesome Pendulum at the Cotton Club. Wow, what an energy packed set. Half-way through Slam, they dropped Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Killing In The Name’ then seamlessly mixed back into Slam again. Needless to say, the crowd wend wild[er]. On Saturday it was just Leila and I, out, again, at the Cotton Club, this time for Headway featuring FC Kahuna. A comparatively relaxed tempo from the night before (thankfully) with house beats abound. More dancing was had, natch. After it all finished (with Glitterball) we had interesting convo with a couple of nice seeming munters then headed home to crash. Sunday was spent monging around my flat. All in all, a really enjoyable weekend, although it would be nice to have a quiet night or two in with L for some proper snuggling.

Last weekend was fairly quiet; Friday was spent with Andy, Jo, Rich, Stu () and Teresa () at Ciaran and Micha’s flat getting completely wasted and my having a quick go on Ciaran decks, and Saturday was Eurovision night at Andy and Jo’s with everyone again plus Kashfa () who has been out of the country for yonks.

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