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My phone has died for those who care (the number of which I can probably count on one hand). Time to look at getting a cheapo contract. The second hand stereo I’ve been given by my grandparents has a greatly overly emphasised bass response and questionable crossover frequencies, and the speakers, although having kick ass woofers which my previous lacked, have a shit mid-range when used with my old tuner/amp. It also only has record table line level phono inputs, i.e., it’s EQed for the top-end heavy signal you’d get from an unamplified record player, compounding the too-much-bass problem, and I have to turn my PC right down so it doesn’t distort. I now have 3 sets of largish speakers, 2 amps and 2 large stereo systems I’m either unhappy with or can’t use taking up space. My flat is now a total mess after moving things around, getting infuriated by said stereo problem, not having the energy to do chores and sleeping all of the evening away. Now it’s fucking 3am and I’ve work in the morning. And I need to be arsed enough to shower between then and now. At least I get paid today. I think some retail therapy is in order.

Dark City post is forthcoming.

Does anyone know of a smartphone that can be set to periodically sync with multiple iCal feeds via http for it’s calendar? Thought not.

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