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Soldiers bond with battlefield robots – “one group of soldiers even named its robot ‘Scooby Doo’ and grieved when it was blown up after completing 35 successful missions defusing improvised explosive devices.” Awww 🙁
Sex theme park to open in London – I’ve got a ticket, come ride with me.
“Orphan Works Act of 2006” – Sounds interesting. Would be cool if it legalised some abandonware.

Tech news
Sony’s motion-sensing controller is ‘flattering’, says Miyamoto – Just don’t copy our nunchaku!
Mitsubishi Demos World’s Smallest Projector – Ickle projector!
Geometric whirlpools revealed – “Bizarre geometric shapes that appear at the centre of swirling vortices in planetary atmospheres might be explained by a simple experiment with a bucket of water.”

A bit old now, but Google has bought up Writely, a web based ajax using word processor site. Is Google Office pending?

Also, Sun gets more slating for not properly open-sourcing Java, while Microsoft launches a “shared source” contest.

Tech stuff
iomega 60GB Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Mini Hard Drive – Sod that 8Gb drive I posted about a few months ago, this is more like it!
The Videotape Recorder Turns 50 – I wonder for how long the optical disc will reign supreme?
Google Maps in ASCII – How fucking useless?
Quake Paper Models – I’ve so got to make a shambler at some point.
That mysterious J – Well, I never knew..
Lazer turntable – For any audiophiles/vinyl junkies out there.
Pimp my heart – “[The] system also has a disco mode [where the] BPM of music files being played changes in real-time according to the heart rate of the user.”

A plaster cast of a large Pogonomyrmex badius nest. – Very pretty.
How to Erase Old Marks off a Dry Erase Board – Well, I also never knew..
Grandpa Kipp’s Sure-Fire Yellow Jacket Trap! – Don’t know what the fuck a yellow jacket is but is sure sounds handy for similar beasties.
Caffeine-Laced Pantyhose for Weight Loss – Unfortunately not strong enough to get a caffeine high from.
Endless flash-based mosaic – See if you can find the rather surprised cat.
Tron shoes! – ‘Nuff said.

Check out Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of Grease Monkey, a new graphic novel by Tim Eldred.

Star Wards kid + macsaber = Macbook man – *insert lightsaber battle sounds here*
Mucho cartoons – It has every fucking ep of Bucky O’Hare!

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