Out Of The Dark Mix

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MilkMiruku — Out Of The Dark Mix (42:52, 67.2MB)

Ambient/experimental electronic/hardcore/hard dance. Yet another pay around in Acid 5 Pro. Gave up on the beat matcher this time and did the matching by ear. Yes, every track is of a different style, but I like to Mix It Up and it would have sounded better if I could have been arsed to do a full length mix for once.

Aphex Twin — Gwely Mernans
Trent Reznor — Grisly Grotto
Kattoo — 19
RMPC — Krypton
????-Ziq — Siege of Antioch
bv — noise
Winterk????lte — El Nino
Converter — Death Time
Ophidian as Raziel — To Destroy What Is Broken
Evil Activities and DJ Panic — Never Fall Asleep
The Juvenile — Hardcore Suckas
DJ Conne — Infected (Dark-E Remix)
RMPC — Phosphorus
RMPC — Bromine

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