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I’ll be heading through to Edinburgh tomorrow evening to visit . We shall be heading to Absolute (no, I don’t think they know what futurepop is). £3 entry! Not sure what’s happening on Saturday, probably staying in and getting sozzled.

Saying that, if you’ve ever found the various ‘alternative electronic’ styles on DontStayIn handy, you’ve got me to thank for bugging the devs for include them.

Btw, in case anyone is interested, I’ve started using del.icio.us and videobomb. The former is one of the biggest and best social bookmarking sites around, and the latter is kind of the same except it’s specifically for videos, does tags but not full folksonomy, and embeds the video (which can be hosted on YouTube, Google Video or on any old web space) on a videobomb page. It’s also related to Democracy Player, the RSS/BitTorrent/VLC internet tv app. Both produce RSS feeds, natch, which are being syndicated through (which has just been setup so be warned that it’ll splurge over your friends if you add it just now) and respectively. Mucho thanks to and her paid account for adding those. I’ll be phasing out the Some More Links posts in favour these more open systems. Information wants to be free and all that.

Also, it looks like the IE7 devs have a bit more to finish off. And, like, wtf? Where’s the fucking menu bar at? Why mess around with the logical intuitiveness of the gui? Gah. I really should try Opera 9. Shusht .

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