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Option 4: You could pretend to make-up to each other to diffuse the tension but still keep on hating each other’s guts. Pete’s so right; they’re all fucking mad. Which is how Big Brother wants it.

And I’m not apologising. I like Big Brother. I love laughing at the games Big Brother plays, the ever-shifting social dynamics in the house, etc. Remember, these people who knew fell well what they were getting into when they signed up so it’s their own fault whatever happens. I only get to watch it at and ‘s seeing I haven’t had a working TV aerial connected up since I moved in at the start of the year.

Update: Now I’m at home I’d like to add a little more. I’ve been feeling that Big Brother is a rather good vent for the bitch in me. The ‘metaphysical’ (if you want to term it that) rule I mentioned above, the whole they’ve-made-their-own-beds thing underlying my moral opinions towards both the concept and actualisation of the show, allows me, without remorse, to be able to be so indignant about the results that I get vocal with my friends about it and enjoy being able to rant knowing that I Am Right. The moral decisions that I make are based upon any of the contestants affiliations with each other, which would be base as different people have different interests and boundaries and networks or groups of friends just happen, it’s not anything to get upset about, but on the way they handle their differences – not just their tolerance of each other, because you can’t be tolerant of everyone, but also the way they react when someone has crossed the line (in their eyes). Interestingly enough, the former is what seems to be driving several of the housemates’ actions towards each other, so I get a massive dose of schadenfreude when following the slow train crash they’re creating out of thin air. A few, majorly Pete, get all this, yet they know it would only add to the absurdity by throwing their egos into the equation in trying to sort things out, like Richard has been doing (and attracting flak from both ‘sides’ from his mixing between the groups for supposedly being ‘fake’, although he most likely is just trying to be a Playah). Just as trust is the lifeblood of love, their mistrust has created a sea of paranoia, the type of paranoia you can see in every walk of life whether at work or among friends. I don’t do bitch for real life as I don’t like to attract attention by hurting others, but the difference here is that they put themselves up for this – they signed their lives away to the situation they are in right now. No sympathy. Mwuhaha. Wankers!

But (*taking a step back*), it’s just a fucking game. At the end of the day I don’t worry about it. It’s a trivial pursuit.

Oh yeah, I’ve been on the energy drinks again. Could you tell?

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