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Here’s a recap on another fun yet highly stressful weekend. Friday was mainly spent travelling down on the Megabus from Dundee to Manchester. The coach left at 9am but delays meant we arrived at our destination over an hour late at just before 5pm. Thankfully after pulling an all-nighter, most of this time was spent napping, although I did have an interesting conversation with the Diageo quality assurance tester who was sitting beside me on the way down (who’s name I can’t remember – but did I ask it? I don’t remember getting the whole “but what’s your real name though?” thing) about Microsoft and the development of the OSS community. On alighting I rushed to Afflecks Palace to buy some glow (which reminds me, I really need to get a bulk order in again soon) then wandered around the centre aimlessly trying to find a power socket to charge up my again dead mobile. Eventually stumbled into an internet cafe in the back of a Chinese bakery where some very kind WoW gamer/geeks let me plug in for free. Headed to the Grand Central pub for around 8pm, met up with and was joined shortly thereafter by and . Got changed in the rather mawket toilets then glomped when he arrived which I’m sure he loved. Headed to Implant with and soon after the club opening time to get in as much of it’s musical offerings as possible and was unexpectedly treated to Toxigene and Cow Girl. Thus the dancing began in earnest! Musically the night was excellent again, from all variations of “noize” you’d expect, old and new, plus some hardcore (Ophidian!) and breakcore and other misc fucked up shit (no hardstyle this time though :/). The club wasn’t full as three months ago but peeps I remember seeing/chatting too included Miss and Misters and – although apparently I completely missed Mr :/. Much fun was had but the highlight of the night has to go and I screaming our lungs out as loud as we could during some power electronics track in SqueakyPete’s set and not being able to hear ourselves above the music. I think I’m going to give up any hopes of getting a proper conversation in while out clubbing in future though as I either don’t have the energy to think of anything to say or can’t hear what others are trying to communicate, even while sitting in between two people who are having a full on conversation with each other. My ears aren’t fucked, it’s just no matter how hard I concentrate I can’t make words out, it all sounds like gobbledygook, when when I try to lip-read. After it all ended I had no idea what to do between then and the 1pm coach back up north, but thankfully poked and after I was quizzed on my thoughts towards aubergines, was motioned into the back of a big white afterparty van which then filled up with around 20 more people for what I can only describe as one of the shortest yet scariest journeys I’ve experienced. Evaa. Most of the morning was spent around a campfire here in the stunning Homes For Change housing co-operative flats. Once the sun had risen to prominence again (and as I wandered around with looking some random guy who had taken far to much of some something, was causing a disturbance and that I was worried might turn violent) I could take in some of the wonderful aspects of progressive thinking urbanism that had been incorporated into the architectural design of the building, such as the informal surveillance and allowance for personalisation that seemed to foster a relaxed and communal atmosphere. I’d absolutely love to live somewhere like that in the future. But yes, the party was great fun. Much craziness was had and I chatted with various folk (and bumped into aka dekoid from #lexx way back when) until my brain started to die and I was reduced to lounging around making rollies and Big Hats. Eventually said my goodbyes around 11am and made my way with back to the centre of town, and after a Burger King and a flop on the grass next to the fountains later and we arrive at the halfway point in my weekend.

So, the Megabus back up to Edinburgh was due to leave at 1pm. I made my way to the stop with much time to spare and sat around getting in some reading. 1pm. Nothing yet? Ah well, it happens. 1:30pm, still no bus. This is a bit shoddy. 2pm. “You are waiting for the coach to Scotland yes? Yes, just making sure”. 3pm. FFS. *starts dozing off in the bus shelter* 3 fucking 30 and it finally shows up. By this point, everyone who has been waiting around is majorly pissed off and being rather vocal to each other and their mobiles about the delay. Turns out the missing bus had broken down and the only replacement was one a shitey local Manchester ‘Magic Bus’, i.e., one that lacked air conditioning and a toilet, meaning we had to make frequent stops every couple of hours for everyone to run off to the loo. Half way through the journey and it was so hot that the driver bought 20 bottles of water out of his own cash for those who needed it, and the next one gave us advice on how to complain to Megabus. My mobile died around this point again. Some where between Carlisle and Glasgow I quietly had an asthma attack. Eventually got to Glasgow and fell off the bus to patiently wait for the next National Express through to Edinburgh. Originally I was due to arrive at 6:50pm but instead ended getting in at around 11:15pm, exhausted, stressed and pissed off at being made to miss promised commitments. Got to Cybitch at the Teviot and collapsed on . Wibbled at , , and . Plotted with then found some energy and relieved some anger on the dancefloor. I enjoyed the music selection again, nice and varied, although at points I wished for something really harsh to gracefully throw myself about to. Headed to ‘s afterwards but it was too hot to sleep so we watched AI instead (interesting plot concept but very lacking in the depth of it’s actualisation). Spent most of Sunday in bed and missed engaging in the thunderstorm outside. Later on we went for a Chinese buffet at some place I can’t remember the name of on South Saint Andrew Street that turned out to be less than amazing. Fell onto the bus home, arrived in Dundee and flopped into my flat. Woke up the next day feeling very poor and called in sick. All in all, great to get to Implant again, but not exactly the best start to the new week, which has gotten even worse since.

(Disclaimer; This post might not flow, but I’ll fix it at some point.)

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