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LiveJournal Jabber integration. A new LJ feature that has me bouncing with joy. I initially came to LiveJournal because of it’s combination of blogging and social networking (and yes, because many of my friends also used it) but the sites slow or non-implementation of features the rest of the net had taken for granted has always bugged me from the no show of trackbacks to the imo shoddy implementation of tagging (post about which will be forthcoming at some point), but IM integration is something still fairly new. yes, automatic roster population is old news in the Jabber world, but as far as I can tell, has only been used in business implementations so far, and yes, Google did GMail and GTalk integration a few months ago, but you have to use external sites such as (which seems to have a rather small userbase so isn’t that practical) for the social networking and Google hasn’t done anything with it and Blogger so far. But what might LJ be planning to do with this? One interesting thing that’s appeared in the Jabber world recently is Qunu which allows Jabber users to set up their areas of proficiency and allow others to contact them via a web based interface. It’s interesting mash-ups like this I’m hoping for. Friend page updates notification? Comment notification, maybe replying via Jabber? Community specific MUC (multi-user conference) rooms? Maybe some form of friend groups/filter linkage? I still need to explore what you can do with LJ Jabber and read up on what has already been said, but one thing I’m narked about already that it doesn’t support SSL connections yet, although that will hopfully be implemented soon. I wish I could expand on these thoughts or make this a bit coherent, but I’m leaving for the weekend in a few hours and have Things To Do.

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