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In case you haven’t heard, Google opened Google Checkout a couple of weeks ago. Checkout the video demo there for an overall view. Here’s the pre speculation (wow, finger directly on the pulse there), the official announcement, details and quotes, usage demo, list of sites that use it, the news that eBay has banned it’s use (eBay owns PayPal btw), and talk of how it will be integrated with Google Base, Google’s craigslist clone.

I’m actually starting to loose count of the amount of services and notable business investments Google has made in the last couple of years. It has been reported since the start of 2005 that they’ve been buying up dark fibre (laid but yet unused fiber optic networks) and the growing speculation as to what they’re going to do with it is always interesting to follow. With the growing issue of net neutrality, the possible conclusion they’d like to bypass the whole issue by having their own network has arisen. It also seems obvious that Google is much smarter than Microsoft, and, rather than resting on their laurels, are playing a game of strategic investment chess with absolute shit load of money they have to spare. Unfortunately for me I’m not Cringely so I’ve absolutely no clue where this is going and nothing more to contribute than a collection of links, but I am sure that what ever their end game is, it’s going to be fucking big.

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