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I’ve done it again. That is, managed to loose several hours to browsing YouTube for The Colbert Report episodes and clips. If you haven’t heard of before, The Colbert Report, featuring Stephen Colbert, is a satirical news show made by Comedy Central that parodies the conservative Fox/O’Reilly style of reporting. Think The Day Today/Brass Eye meets Bremner, Bird and Fortune. See Stephen Colbert vs. Congressman Lynn Westmoreland, Truthiness, Hell, Yes, Bubble Boy, The War On Christmas and The New York Times Want You And Your Family Dead. Other notable clips include Better Know a District – Florida’s 19th where congressman Robert Wexler decides to play along with the humour plus Colbert Responds to Wexler Cocaine Comment Uproar. Oh, and don’t miss out on Colbert’s speech at White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, parts one, two and three. Saying that, Bush’s speech is worth checking out as well. It took me a while to click that it was for real rather than some kind of Dead Ringer-esq bluescreen action going on. Here’s some full eps for anyone who’s interested. Ohohoh, and also, the show that spawned The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, is also Rather Good.

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