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Well that was fun. Read all about it here. The MacRumors IRC transcription channel had over 2500 watching it and the backchannel had somewhere around 800 peeps in. It was ammusing to watch the channel explode when every new announcement was made, either with delight or derision (and down right confusion when the transcriber forgot to note that the 256Mb that was mentioned for the new Mac Pro was actually video ram). Steve Jobs did his usual spin, first by taking the piss out of Microsoft for copying features from OS X in Vista, then later by announcing that Leopard will feature “Spaces” (i.e. virtual desktops) and Mail will be upgraded to include HTML e-mail templates, a notes and a to do feature. The Time Machine automated backup feature looks like it will be interesting with it’s nifty 3D interface, which I’m assuming uses the also updated Core Animation features. Now, to wait for someone to upload a video of the whole thing..

There wasn’t one more thing, much to everyone’s chagrin at the end, but here’s some images;

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