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Back in the day, I suggested on the Jabber standards mailing list that it might be an idea to have a open chat log format that would be interoperable between clients. Queue a fairly heated debate (I was 19 and even more hot headed than I am the now 😉 with a few devs about the issue with arguments such as because it’s client side that it was something the Jabber Software Foundation should get involved with and that to conform to a standardised open log format would be admitting that their client was less than good (their client already conformed to XMPP; does that logic not mean that their lack of being able to create a world beating IM/presence protocol mean they’ve failed already?). These days it’s part of a JEP (not widely implemented yet, although you could say that of most JEPs) and there have been recent discussions about the issue and the best way to go about it. It would have happened one day anyway, but I still find it infuriating how many dots that need obvious connecting there are out there.

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