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So there have been a couple of mainstream newspaper articles that have been doing the rounds recently about the whole public side of the What Is Goth debate that have attempted to make a connection between ‘goth’ and ’emo’ as if it were a continual line. Personally dislike the concept of trying to align one’s self with a seemingly objective (although essentially inter-subjective) aesthetical preference (or set of preferences) as it leads to one missing out on so many of the interesting things that are available from other cultures/subcultures, especially when it comes to listening/dancing material that is musicologically close to the styles associated with a scene but maligned by the members of that scene for being outside the scope of that scene or through being aligned with another scene. But that’s another story. Whatever ‘goth’ is, and whatever one’s opinions on it are, it’s not like reams of people haven’t written about the scene that surrounds it in a rational and mature manner (and also that which surrounds punk/hardcore/emo) before, so one has to wonder where abouts these hacks are looking for their sources. Yes, it all comes back to punk, but goth rock came from post-punk and emo came from hardcore punk. Forgetting deathrock, which is more a US thing anyway, the degree of separation between the two scenes makes the whole goth-emo link so laughable. But then again Marilyn Manson was goth in the eyes of the Media. It all comes down to the fact that some people think they have the scope of knowledge to write about the buzzword that is ‘goth’ where as they can only see the popular end of ‘alternative music’. I’m interested to see how far these sort of hacks can push it. What will be the next evolution of goth? Given the precedents, it’s gotta be somewhat introspective/angsty, the flexibility to have a pop front and existing right now. It doesn’t matter about the styles history/cultural baggage, that can be ignored. Terror EBM anyone?

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