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What is it called when your eyes uncontrollably wibble (I would say spasm, but wibble is a nicer sounding word) left and right in their sockets on the odd occasion? It was fun to begin with but it’s starting to annoy.

In other news;

Why Aximov’s Three Laws of Robotics are immoral

Killer NIC Hands On Testing; Part 1, Part 2. Featuring Linux-on-a-chip, 64Mb of on-board RAM and retailing at £150, this network card was ridiculed on slashdot a while back. The review makes for interesting reading, although the /. crowd still aren’t satisfied.

Tune in to the sounds of FRNK Radio, a constant stream of the latest LiveJournal voice posts.

P.S. They’ve stopped wibbling now.

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