That Craigslist “experiment”.

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“Last Monday Seattle resident Jason Fortuny (and a friend) carried out a thought experiment into reality — one I think anyone who has surfed Craigslist sex ads has entertained. He took a hardcore Women Seeking Men ad from another city and reposted it to see how many replies he could get in 24 hours (the ad’s photo at right). Then he published every single response — photos, emails, IM info, phone numbers, names, everything, to a public wiki (Encyclopedia Dramatica — site is up and down, check back if down). Then they went public on Jason’s LiveJournal page calling it The Craigslist Experiment, inviting readers to identify the CL ad’s responders and add more info (“Your Goal: identify people you know IRL and point them out. We’ve already had great successes here.”)” link

himself has posted links to news and forum sites regarding the story. Check the replies to this comment for some of his rational behind the act. Note the line “I cannot cause another person emotional pain. It is their response to a situation that is entirely at fault.”, a very similar argument to what can be found at the core of Objectivism and Buddhism.

This kind of human behaviour really saddens me. I spent a while last night composing an entry on the metaphysical/moral flaws in his arguments, but sod it; there’s a reason why I gave up posting in and . I will only argue (and god damn it you pussies, ‘argument’ is not inherently a bad word) with people I know or with people in real life, as debating online a) has taken up faaar to much of my valuable time in the past, b) so many non-verbal cues are missed when discussing via the medium of text that it often leads to confusion or hurt in those who don’t know how to handle things when it gets heated, c) so many people are only looking to troll anyway (like this guy) and d) even if you win the rat race, you’re still a rat.

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