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The best trickjumping video I’ve seen so far – Awsome tricks, slick editing and a sweet mix for a soundtrack. Having spent hours on end in the past trying to learn using DeFRaG and not getting that far beyond strafejumping (although I could jump damn far, given a big enough open space ;), I have mucho respect for people like these who put the effort in and learn how to use the quirks of a games 3d engine to such amazing effect.


P.S. The Cooper Temple Clause are playing at the Dundee Uni Onion tomorrow evening with tickets only coming available a few hours before the gig. , , (IIRC) and I will be heading down to try and get some; if any other Dundee peeps are interested, you’ll need a former Dundee student to sign you in, but if you don’t know anyone like that, gimme a buzz and I’ll ask.

P.P.S. Oh, and I saw a poster in town today stating that Alabama 3 will be playing an unplugged/acoustic set at The Doghouse on the 20th. Who’s up for that?

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