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Secret alarm becomes dance track

A high-pitched alarm designed to repel youngsters from shops is being used for the melody of a dance track after the success of a mobile phone ringtone. … Simon Morris from Compound Security said: “Following the success of the ringtone, a lot of people were asking us to do a bit more, so we got together with the producers Melodi and they came up with a full-length track. “It has two harmonies – one that everyone can hear and one that only young people can hear. But it works well together or separate.”

“Melodi” gives no matching acts on Discogs and a Google search gives a small amount unrelated results, but none the less, this kind of thing can’t be new so can anyone give me pointers on music of whatever style that uses ultrasonic frequencies in this manner?

P.S. There seems to be a bug in Google Maps. Update: And it’s now made Slashdot. Slow news day! Check the comments, natch.

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