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Go watch this. What’s he saying? Now look away and listen again. You can read all about the how’s and why’s here, but basically it’s down to the fact that we automatically lip-read (to an extent) when another person is speaking. I found out about this a while back through attending a call to help a lecturer get sound working so they could demonstrate it to a class but was reminded about it today after listening to Mike Oldfield’s ‘Amarok‘, which features a Margret Thatcher impersonator talking about endings, which prompted me to read up on the Iron Lady (her PMship finished in the end of 1990, just a few months after Amarok was released), with the ‘See also’ section linking to the Thatcher effect, which gives a link to this where the two phenomena are combined to create the “McThatcher Effect”. But anyway.

I’m trying to finish some real life posts but I’m feeling rather crappy atm and will most likely be taking tomorrow off of work to recover in bed. Oh yeah, my bed is now rather fucked as the metal frame has buckled on one side leaving the mattress slightly but noticeably sloping from left to right (oh shusht, it’s the side I sit on most often). T’is most distracting. Would probably make sense to invest in a double bed now although it would be a bit of a squeeze in my current bedroom. And meh, the cost..

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