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How time flies. I was working on a super-dooper mega long post, but I thought it would be best to publish it in chunks to give me more time to procrastinate over finishing the later parts of it, so this is what happened to me circa four weeks ago and onwards, i.e., from the weekend after Headway.

came up to visit Dundee the four weekends ago. We shopped until we flopped on the Saturday and I picked up some new clothes including an amazing EGL style coat in Matalan plus a cool mutton sleeve-esq shirt and some half length trousers in H&M. I probably spent too much and got several funny looks and some behind-my-back comments from locals because of the audacity of my trying on female clothes *shockhorror*. Sunday was mainly spent wandering around the Dundee Botanic Garden, a first for both of us. The weather was just perfect for it, and although it felt good to specifically dedicate some time to nature, something I’ve not done in too long a time, the occasional thunderous roar of jets and drone of propellers from the near-by airport, sounds I’d otherwise enjoy listening to, was somewhat distracting. That and the other people. Note to self; visit Tentsmuir again at some point.

The The Cooper Temple Clause gig on the 14th was fun. The first support band, Luxury Car, were of that modern dance-punk style which is rather hip atm, albeit with slightly more crazy synth sounds and angstier vocals. I enjoyed most of the tracks although the lead singer didn’t look like he was having much fun. According to the synth guy, the bassist was wearing a furry lion hat he’d randomly found at an industrial festival they’d attended recently. (He vaguely reminded me of that boisterous fellow in the neon yellow road workers jacket I saw around at Infest, but I couldn’t be that sure there was a connection as I can’t say I remember the hat, not that I was looking). The second band, The Matchstick Men, we’re much more bouncy and pop orientated in style and reminded of me of They Might Be Giants (with the close vocal harmonies) and Bis in parts (the guitar riff in ‘Vacant Stare’ reminds me of a track by The Shadows). The studio stuff that appears on their MySpace sounds much more electropop-qse, but filling out their sound with guitars when playing live is an expected tactic really. Anyway, I liked. The Coopers were awsome, and although I don’t know their stuff well enough to give track names without looking, there were quite a few ditties I recognised including Film Maker and Who Needs Enemies, although the mofos didn’t play Murder Song, much to the dismay of Jo, Andy, Rich and I. A small moshpit formed during some songs which I entered when it was large enough for to be enjoyable. The Dundee onion website has some pics and Jo also took a few phonecam snaps which are available to view here. All in all it was a fun evening, although feck did my neck hurt afterwards.

The weekend after and I was through in Edinburgh, again, to visit and attend teh Absynth, where I spent most of the night busting funky moves to some Wikkid Beats on the dancefloor where I managed to avoid wacking my head against the low stone roof at either edge of the room which was nice. An enjoyable night again, although where oh where are the afterparties at in Edinburgh? I don’t do talking in clubs; I don’t have time to when there’s good music that demands to be danced to, not that I can make out what people are saying most of the time anyway. Oh, and please, if you’re going to play a Helium Vola track, play something other than ‘Omnis Mundi Creatura’. That is one of Ascension’s overplayed tracks already, danke 😛

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