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Hah. I finally took the time a few weeks back to seek out the track I keep hearing at Infest (heard it first last year IIRC, was most happy to hear it pop up again this year) that has the “concentrate, it’s in your reach” lyric sung by Brian Molko. Turns out it was Placebo, specifically a remix of Passive Aggressive by production duo Brothers In Rhythm (track 3 available to listen to here), one half of which is Dave Seaman, editor of Mixmag. T’is weird how someone can get away with dropping a progressive house track at Infest, but it just so works. Which reminds me, I really need to get the latest Mixmag for the cover mix CD, DJ Touche’s House Party Dynamite, which had me bouncing around like a loon in and ‘s living room when was up a couple of weekends ago.

Oh, and there’s also that bad-ass techno track that spun, DK – Murder Was The Bass (the reworked mix). I’m also dead certain I’ve heard that at Infest before. Does anyone remembering me muntering on about something that sounded like the theme to the computer game Speedball? My memory is weird like that. The thing that really annoys me about EBM, both old and new, that it’s driven by that whole “we’re a band!” thing and that its acts focus on making tracks for an album, where as the culture surrounding other electronic dance music styles such as house/techno/trance/hardcore/dnb is much more focused on its acts producing 12″ releases with song structures specifically suited to beatmatching and club play, i.e., with nice 32 bar intros and outros that feature parts that you don’t really have to worry about when it comes to matching things up harmonically wise like drum loops or key agnostic synth stabs or whatever. That’s why any DJ who can beatmatch EBM or any similar DJ unfriendly styles and make it sound good gets mucho respect from myself. But anyway, where was I? Ah yes, going to bed.

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