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I’ve uploaded pics from last weekend’s Implant and Alternative Culture. I’d hired the camera out from work and tried to by artsy in a few of the shots although I’ll blame my inexperience using it (should really experiment in a more controlled environment at some point) and it’s general crapness for the poor quality in many of the pics. There’s a rather horrifying amount of dead pixels/noise when you get up close to them.

Cheers again to and for having , , and I round on Friday. Drinking was done, SingStar was sung and lively debate was had, always fun. Last night I popped down to ‘s for more drinking and some filmage. Wow, I’d almost forgotten how messy student digs could be, although apparently that was a good day. I even did a small clean to satisfy my OCD until I thought sod it. We watched Aeon Flux, the anime Metropolis and Peter Kay’s Live at the Top of the Tower. I’d only seen some of the Aeon Flux animations before but when you compare the two it works quite well as any niggling, seemingly badly thought out character behaviours can be seen as a reflection of the wack-ass avant-garde character behaviour in the animations. I loved both the plot and animation style of Metropolis with the character movement reminiscent of the style of motion you can see in early Disney fair. Reminds me that I still need to check out the original Metropolis film at some point as well, although apparently there is very little similarity in plot. Joe hadn’t seen Live at the Top of the Tower before so I stuck it on and he seemed to enjoy. This was my third time bit it still cracks me up. His flatmates came back halfway through and afterwards we chatted about World Of Warcraft and things for a while before Joe and I watched the South Park WOW ep again, Joe commenting things like “that’s actually quite a good combo to cast” and “that would never work”, after which I watched them pwn and got to read the 13 page long hate threads directed at Joe. Note; leaving msgs for others in the bog using toilet roll tubes turns out to be rather an effective mode of communication.

P.S. being pwnd by myself at the previous Infest.

P.P.S. ftw. Check the mp3s here.

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