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Back in Dundee again after another 48 hours in Edinburgh. Arrived in Edinburgh and wandered down to the Hoose to meet after she’d finished her Beltane stuff where I was also offered the opportunity to have my arm removed by (to cure my Infestbanditis) and informed by about the current hullabaloo at Madras. We popped into ‘s afterwards for a *cough* wee while for a smoke and catch-up before staggering home to collapse. On Saturday we headed into town for nosh and a wander around with and finally got to see her flat albeit briefly before we headed home for much required More Sleep. Later that evening was and ‘s flat warming party. Peeps in attendance included , , , , , Stu/ew(?) (who introduced me to rum, yarr), John (who extoled the virtues of MIDI), , and his lady friend who’s name I still can’t remember, plus other nice people who’s names also escape me right now. Much gay fun, jolly discussion with big words and wastedness was had, and how can I forget the cock. Bed time at silly o’clock in the morning, waking at silly o’clock in the evening, some broken specs and then a scrumptious Indian take-away with a pasanda for myself later and it was time to say goodbye to Edinburgh and hello to Dundee again via the Megabus, on which I bumped into and chatted with Mr before napping for the rest of the journey.

A tip for any electronic dance music fans out there; check out The Mixing Bowl, a members-only BitTorrent tracker for non-commercially available recordings of DJ mix sets from the radio and other such sources which, for this week only, has opened up sign-ups and has ratio free downloading. So far I’ve grabbed a few Breezeblocks, the first ever Essential Mix, that John B mixmag cover CD mix and a rather good mashed up ragga[core] mix by Aaron Spectre (available here), plus I’ve discovered Armin van Buuren’s delightful A State Of Trance show which features a nice mix of the more modern forms of that style. Go join now! Time for a new hard drive me thinks..

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